Indulge in these hand-crafted herbal elixirs and blends formulated by your Ayurvedic Vaidya & Doula, Deborah Rose. Each product is intentionally made upon purchase to ensure optimal potency.

Mammas hold the power to shape the next generation.

That is BIG. Ayurveda Mamma celebrates unapologetic self-care as the foundation to that big mission, so that we may raise a generation that feels good in their body, leads with their heart, and chooses lifestyle as their go-to medicine.

The Highest Standards

Embrace the goodness of Ayurveda in every jar - indigenously sourced, vegan, gluten-free, and lab tested for purity. Ayurveda Mamma is a *small*, family-owned business, and each blend is made-to-order to ensure a freshness and potency that corporates can't compete with.

You will never find fillers, binders or flow agents in our jars. Although these would help us sell more, it would take away from the authenticity that we preach ~ as Prana (Sanskrit for Life Force) is only conserved when the DNA of the herbal blend is akin its original (non-synthetic) form.

Deborah Rose

Your Ayurvedic Vaidya & Doula.

"Born and bred in the woods of a small Dutch town, I was eager to travel the world. My career in the fashion industry as a Model handed me that opportunity.

After working for brands including Vogue, Louis Vuitton and Diesel, I decided my next destination should be my own body.

I immersed in Ayurveda, a holistic mind-body system with roots in the Vedic Tradition, and have been in awe with its ancient, immersive nurturing series for expecting and new mothers.

I thank my teachers Dr Vasant Lad, Dr KP Khalsa, Dr Marc Halpen, Mother Maya Tiwari, Terra Rafaël - and the women of the Sacred Window Collective, who educated me in the Light of the Maharishi Tradition as taught by Ysha Oaks. You'll forever inspire me to continue to share the self-healing arts and nurturing tradition for the mothers of this world."

Need a minute for yourself?

Schedule a 1on1 with Deborah Rose to deepen your self-healing journey with Ayurveda. Keep things at a foundational level with a consultation, go off-menu with a bespoke herbal blend, or turn your lifestyle around for a significant energy shift in your life.

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Questions + Answers

How does the 'Personalised' option work?

Some products, such as the Prenatal Abhyanga Oil, have a personalised shopping option. After checking-out with a personalised option in your cart, look out for an e-mail from Deborah Rose, who will be in touch to send you a Dosha Questionnaire. Based on your answers, she will tailor the product you checked out to your unique metabolic type. This will improve absorption, and enhance the benefits of your chosen blend.

Worried you've missed your questionnaire? Find Deborah on What's App (+447494630696) and share your question for a fast track response.

I am due in 4 weeks. Which of your elixirs should be given priority?

In the 'Birth +' section, you can find my favourite plant blends for pregnancy and birth. The Holistic Birth Bag that you can find on that page, is a money saving option to help you prepare for a natural birth with the help of herbal allies. It comes with a few downloadables, that I also share with my private clients, so you can enter the Birth Portal feeling well informed, prepared and empowered.

Can I make your blends at home?

For students of Ayurveda and Doula's, I offer 1on1 coaching to help you make specific formula's at home. If you present with your case, I can help you tailor the blend to your case-specific situation. Get in touch to learn more.

Are your blends safe for breastfeeding?

Yes. The plants selected for the blends under 'Postnatal+' are safe in the quantities as prescribed under 'dose' on your pack once you receive your herbs. Although only a very small to nihil amount of botanicals will typically transfer to your baby's milk, you are encouraged to discuss any botanicals with your primary caregiver.