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Ayurveda Mamma

Holistic Hospital Bag

Holistic Hospital Bag

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Let Ayurveda Mamma take care off your hospital bag. After a prenatal Mind-Body Test, Deborah Rose will prepare your herbal tinctures, elixirs and massage tools to help you ride the waves of labour. This despatch includes: 

• 1 x herbal tincture to take the edge of your contractions, tailored to your unique mind-body type (Dosha)

• 1 x herbal elixir to help you open up to the process of birth and get into your “zone”. Botanicals include Lotus and a selection of herbs that complement your unique mind-body type (Dosha)

• 1 x herbal elixir to stay energized throughout the process of birth. Herbs will be selected based on your Dosha Test 

• Due date kit: oils to support your body’s natural process of increasing your body’s oxytocin levels along with advice on massage techniques 

• Herbalised Birth Oil to release overall body tension during prodromal labour and the first stage of labour

• Body Map with Marma Points for pain management, oxytocin release and contraction support 

• Moon Stone for your birth ritual 

• 1 x “After Pains” tincture (Motherwort, Chamomile and Saffron) to soothe post labour contractions, reduce the risk on postpartum hemorrhage and tone the uterus whilst it returns to a non-pregnant size and location.

• Ayurveda Mamma’s birth plan template, celebrated by birth centers and midwives, along with a pack list for your unique Mind-Body Type (Dosha) 

• Ayurveda Mamma’s signature nutrition advice for the weeks before your due date 

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