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Ayurveda Mamma

Heavenly Postnatal Package

Heavenly Postnatal Package

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Discover the best postnatal doula secret. Experience a sacred fourth trimester - with or without a doula - with the help of these heavenly postnatal essentials.

Your package includes:

• The "After Pains" tincture with Motherwort, Chamomile, and Saffron helps reduce the risk of hemorrhage and soothe post-labor contractions. 

• Lactation Tea - based on a traditional recipe to ensure a normal milk flow in the early days, to which rose is added to optimise circulation and cool the mind. Shatavari is added to optimise hydration levels in the mucous membranes, increase your body’s liquids and support let-down reflex while healing the uterus.

• Yoni Drops - a cocktail with fragrant, anti-inflammatory botanicals and resins, soothe and protect the perineum after birth.

• Collagen Chai - with botanicals, roots, and Pearl Churna, our Collagen Chai blend is specifically designed to enhance collagen levels and promote hair growth and healthy cell renewal, allowing you to maintain your pregnancy glow even after giving birth.

• Exfoliating Belly Lepa - Revitalize and rejuvenate your abdominal skin with Herbal Belly Lepa. This product effectively reduces sagging and aids in healing any prenatal skin changes.

• Ayurveda Mamma’s Signature Postnatal Massage Oil

Bengkung style Belly Wrap-  eases postural stress, provides lumbar spine support, and counterbalances most breastfeeding positions. As relaxin levels gradually decrease, it also aids in "closing the bones." This wrap helps realign the hips, abdominal muscles, and lungs to their pre-pregnancy state.

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