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Ayurveda Mamma

Nectar for Baby’s Skin (eczema friendly)

Nectar for Baby’s Skin (eczema friendly)

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Your baby’s skin is their largest organ. Ayurveda views the skin as the organ that is the first to tell you about imbalances. These can be as subtle as an emotional imbalance (flushed cheeks from feeling shy), shared from the core (indigestion that results in inflammation) or a sign for a long standing, harsher imbalance such as exposure to allergens. It’s why the Ayurvedic Tradition likes to herbalise your oil - to target the skin, the mind and the organs. 

Ayurveda Mamma’s balm comes in different variations. Opt-in for personalisation and Deborah Rose will be in touch with a Mind-Body Test for your child, where you will have the opportunity to share more about your unique needs. The balm will then be herbalised to meet these needs, and Deborah Rose will share a key baby massage technique with you (often Marma Point, Ayurveda’s acupressure, related) for a a well rounded routine for your bundle of joy.

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