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Nervous System Reset | Drops

Nervous System Reset | Drops

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Would you like to upgrade to a tailored nervous system reset?

Treat yourself to a nightly nervous system reset before hitting the pillow. Even if your nights are still broken (whether it'd be because of the little ones or simply just insomnia), these drops will help you reach deeper levels of recovery when you enter the snooze zone. Take some of those Theta Waves into your day-to-day by adding a dose in-between meals in the AM and PM. Can be consumed with clear warm water, or your favourite frothy drink. 

The drops come in a Tridoshic formula, tweaked to the season. From late April through August, your drops will include Rose, Brahmi, Lotus, and Orchid Water Element. 

Ready to take your nervous system to another level? In your case, the tailored option is made for you. Upon purchase, Deborah Rose will be in touch (non-automated, so please allow 48 hours) with questions to understand your wishes and needs before she goes ahead to create your tailored drops, herbalised Ghee or Churna. 

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