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Hypnobirth Drops

Hypnobirth Drops

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These drops complement your Hypnobirth or Birth Nidra Classes by helping you tune in to your brain’s very own Theta Waves. This helps you get into “your zone” and disconnect from your prefrontal (problem solving) cortex so that your oxytocin can freely flow and facilitate an efficient contraction pattern. 

It contains botanicals like Lotus, Bulbophyllum Gracillimum, Cochlioda Beyrodtiana to help you enter your altered state. Jasmine cools the nervous system and supports your Oxytocin in establishing and efficient labour pattern. Rose has affinity with the uterus and the heart and promotes circulation, which supports your baby and uterus with ample oxygen. Oxygen supply is a key player in being able to relax after each contraction, allowing your energy to last longer and reducing the risk om hypertonic contractions. Raspberry Leaf rounds up any herbal and nutrient preparation you may have done, working with the ligaments around your uterus and hips as they reach full expansion. Molasses serve you with a quick energy supply and boost your iron levels*, and Ruby extract will help you connect to your Root Chakra, which benefits the pushing stage of labour. 

*For full iron support, consult a nutritionist, Ayurvedic Care Provider or your midwife. 

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