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Ayurveda Mamma

Postnatal Massage ~ The Ritual of Ayurveda

Postnatal Massage ~ The Ritual of Ayurveda

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90 Minutes of *bliss* for birthers. Using Ayurvedic Massage Techniques, including Abhyanga and Marma Therapy, this treatment is tailored to where you are in the postpartum window (0-24 months after birth). Following the Ritual of Ayurveda, Deborah will wrap your belly and prepare a herbalised liquid for Yoni. 

This massage resets the nervous system, tones the abdominal organs and uterus, drains the lymphatic system, contributes to a normal milk flow, and deeply hydrates the skin. The botanicals in your herbalised oil will be absorbed by your blood stream and deepen your healing with no side effects on baby.

For full details, visit Ayurveda Doula. Upon booking, Deborah Rose will be in touch to schedule a day, time and place. To view the calendar first, go here

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