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Postnatal Care Package

Postnatal Care Package

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The Postnatal Ritual of Ayurveda ~ available in London and surrounding boroughs.

Book your free discovery call with Deborah Rose today, or visit Ayurveda Doula for more information.


Experience postnatal healing with Ayurveda from the comfort of your own home during your fourth trimester. The weekly treatments are the centerpiece of your personalized care plan, and your healing is taken one step further with:

Discover the benefits of an Ayurveda Assessment with Deborah Rose during your prenatal journey. Based on the results, you will receive recommendations to enhance your wellbeing before and after giving birth.

ღ Prepare for a natural birth with the flexibility to plan some of your treatments in advance. A calm body and mind is associated with a positive birth outcome, which typically equals a smoother postnatal recovery.

 ღ Unlimited access to Ayurveda Mamma’s herbal healing, always personalised to your unique needs. 

ღ Postpartum Ayurvedic Meal journal to help you heal through nutrition that progresses with where you are in your postnatal window.

ღ One or two extra hours to go towards your first postnatal movements or Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guidance for you, baby, or your family as a unit. (Moon & Sun plans)

ღ Breastfeeding and Ayurvedic baby massage support 

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