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Ayurveda Mamma

Exfoliating Belly Lepa

Exfoliating Belly Lepa

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Revitalize and rejuvenate your abdominal skin with Herbal Belly Lepa. This product effectively reduces sagging and aids in healing any prenatal skin changes.


• Pink clay: removes dead skin cells and reveals brand new skin underneath.

• Myrrh: resin of "infinite youth", rejuvenates, removes dead skin cells and brightens and tightens skin.

• Manjistha: Ayurveda’s most loved ingredient for radiant skin. Can be used for consumption and topical application. Helps for an even skin tone and reduces itching.

• Frankincense: enhances circulation and oxygen levels, rejuvenates the skin and gives for a youthful glow. 

• Jasmine: reduces skin irritation and supports the womb as it goes back to its pre-pregnant size and location.

*5 oz - 10 belly masks 

Add On 

Bottle with Nano Gold infused with Rhodonite Essence to help your skin produce collagen. Rhodonite activates Agni and cellular metabolism to help speed up cell renewal by targeting your energy center (manipura). The bio-available Nano Gold enhances blood circulation, stimulates cell regeneration and helps repair skin damage. 

*150 ml - 10 belly masks 


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