Good things come in pairs. Parter with Ayurveda Mamma.

Join us in our mission by keeping the cups of the mammas in your community topped up with the magic of botanical self-care and ritual, tailored to their unique Mind-Body Type (“Dosha”). Apply today! *Perks* When you join Ayurveda Mamma as a creator, your compensation goes beyond generic negotiations. You will have the opportunity to weave ‘Dinacharya’ (bespoke self-care regimen) into your life with 1on1 guidance from Deborah Rose. And, please, stop by for a complementary treatment when you’re in London! As a creator, you are a nurturer, too - and in deep need of self-care. A need that Ayurveda Mamma loves to fulfill. *Ayurveda Mamma’s Mission* Ayurveda Mamma is on a mission to mother the mother. We believe that tailored self-care as she steps into each phase of motherhood sets the tone for how she mothers - keeping her authentic self and wellbeing alive. Giving rise to a generation that favours lifestyle as their go-to medicine, leads with their heart and nurtures their soul.

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